Guru 5.1.3

  • Improvement: Reset time in quiz option. You can choose whatever you want the time splited by quiz taking amount or not
  • Fixed bug: quiz language changed after submit
  • Fixed bug: broken HTML result after quiz submit
  • Fixed bug: adding batch video in admin
  • Fixed bug: when a course is serialize, the date is wrong
  • Fixed bug with Kunena: when two or more lessons have the same name the comments gets mixed

Guru 5.1.2

  • Fixed one bug in the cart when the price get deleted
  • Fixed one bug when open Vimeo video types in quiz
  • Fixed “undefined” bug when a media text was saved and in some other instances
  • Fixed a bug with “Projects” when SEF was enabled
  • Fixed some teacher emails sending to correct teacher
  • Fixed a bug on modal when add exercises to a course

Guru 5.1.1

Guru 5.1.1 fixes some small issues from the previous version.
  • Fixed: "0 Class 'guruControllergurutasks' not found" error.
  • Fixed some Kunena issues with breadcrumb
  • Fixed some issues with video in lessons

Guru 5.1.0

Guru 5.1.0 version come with a lot of changes, improvements and bug fixes. It was also tested and works with PHP 7.2
We advise you to first try this new version on a website copy or at least do a website backup. We tested it in many ways but always is better to have a backup.

Main changes:
  • New feature - Projects - Teacher can create a project and assign it to a course; student can upload project file for that course;
  • Fixed: couese prices, thousands separator, decimals separator;
  • Fixed: some issues with Captcha in registration form;
  • Improvement: added option to manage email notifications;
  • Improvement: added option on course page to reset course view lessons, quizzes and final exam for students that renew the license;
  • Improvement: added option to set when course is finished, from edit course page - course is completed when...
  • Improvement: added option to Add Custom URL Page if you want to redirect student to that page after course is completed;
  • Improvement: adde option to set "lesson view confirmation" automatically or manual
  • Fixes for Kunena Forum
  • Fixed issue - changes to default language when clicking Check Out
  • Fixed issue - duplicate table when printing invoice
  • Fixed issue - saving user info under My Account changes the language
  • Fixed issue - problem with company name in invoice
  • Fixed issue - navbar in My Account disappears on tablets

Guru 5.0.19

Bug fixes release:

This quick release just fix an issue with the current CSS feature we implemented. The new custom CSS file (which is installed here: root/media/files/guru/guru_user_custom.css) was not read in all cases; we fixed this in 5.0.19 version.

Guru 5.0.18

Bug fixes release:

Guru component

  • Fixed email validation bug
  • Allow Guru custom CSS by accessing the file guru_user_custom.css Path to the custom file is: root/media/files/guru/guru_user_custom.css
  • Allow many lessons to be released in sequential

Jomsocial gurustudentactivity plugin
1) Fixed warning count error in admin

Jomsocial gurucoursestake plugin
1) Fixed Deprecated Error Methods for constructors

Jomsocial gurucoursesteach plugin
1) Fixed Deprecated Error Methods for constructors
2) Fixed Notice Undefined offset 0 in Guru Courses I teach plugin

Jomsocial gurumycertificates plugin
1) Fixed Deprecated Error Methods for constructors

Guru 5.0.17

Bug fixes release:

  • Fixed bug: incorrect Quiz Completed number on Students Details page
  • Fixed bug: lesson access by membership
  • Fixed bug: redirect to website from the email is wrong
  • Fixed bug: issue with certifcate on tablet
  • Fixed bug: adding student from admin said that student exist already
  • Fixed bug: can't see video in question because https://
  • Fixed bug: in My Students can't see the full name
  • Fixed bug: duplicate function "getUserDetails"

Guru 5.0.16

There is a new update!

  • Security issue release! We fixed an SQL injection issue reported. Please upgrade to this new version.

Guru 5.0.15

  • Security issue release! We fixed an SQL injection issue reported. Please upgrade to this new version.

Guru 5.0.14

  • New payment plugin: DotPay

All payments plugins are now for free and they are included in the main package.

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