Guru 4.0.6

  • Fixed some Uikit issues on some templates;
  • Fixed an issue with backend orders, admin can't add courses to that order;
  • Fixed some issues with: create media categories, edit back end emails;
  • Fixed an issue with create Kunena sections and categories for new courses created in fron end;
  • Fixed an issue with adding requirements for courses, can't delete new additions;
  • Fixed an issue with counting in lessons, what lesson is bug;
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate lessons in tree when I create a jump button from admin;
  • Fixed some front-end jump buttons, they were links;
  • Fixed Youtube batch media upload: Youtube has changed login policy, every request must be done with user API Key, you need to create one under Google account in order to use this feature.
  • Fixed an issue with aliases in Hebrew language;
  • SEF router modifications, user can add custom URL's - Administrator - Settings.

Guru 4.0.5

  • Fixed bug: when a new lesson is released and an email is sent, the lesson URL from email content doesn't work.
  • New Feature - Quiz Status - on Table of Contents tab from course page in front-end.
  • Fixed bug: on certificate page, when open orders details, return blank page.
  • New Feature: notify admin and teacher when a student is enrolled

Guru 4.0.4

  • Fixed a bug with adding full screen for YouTube videos;
  • Fixed: edit questions from quiz giving a blank page;
  • Fixed a bug when edit lesson return a blank-page in modal;
  • Fixed a bug with with Guru cron plugin, after install, System - Guru Cron plug-in does not have access;
  • Fixed: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Mobile_Detect;
  • Fixed a bug when changing plan on cart page, doesn't change the total sum;
  • Fixed a bug: back button from first lesson doesn't work.
  • Fixed: doesn't load uikit css file when click on lesson and is opened a pop-up window with pricing plans.

Guru 4.0.3

  • Fixed an issue with images on Chrome browser;
  • Fixed an issue with lesson access when I am member but I am not logged is not redirecting me to log in form;
  • Fixed Guru uikit css file which rewrite website links css;
  • Decreased space between course lessons;
  • Fixed an issue in register form page for both student and teacher - mootools error;
  • Fixed an issue with uikit conflict;
  • Fixed an error in cronjob Guru file.

Guru 4.0.2

  • 1. Fixed a bug in administrator area with certificate: if there is an apostrophe in content then was an error when saving it
  • 2. Fixed a bug in administrator area when adding a teacher to a course, issues with check boxes.
  • 3. Fixed a bug with free course for members; if I am a member but not guru customer it was not asking for enroll.

Guru 4.0.1

  • Fixed an issue with duplicate menus at install;
  • Fixed an issue with cart page loosing assigned modules;
  • Fixed an issue with some css classes.

Guru 4.0.0

  • Added more Quiz types:
    • - Single Choice
    • - Multiple Choice
    • - True/False
    • - Essay
  • Added a possibility to add media to questions and answers in quizzes.
  • Added Captcha to login form
  • Added links to "Forgot Password" from Login/Register page for teachers and students
  • Added a possibility to assign more than one teacher to a course.
  • Created a new module: "Courses Categories" - installed automatically with Guru
  • Frontend UI / UX revamp: changed bootstrap with UIkit
  • Fixed a bug when a course type is serialised - all at once
  • Fixed bugs and added improvements to Teacher Commissions System

Guru 3.3.0

  • Added: Teacher Commissions System
  • Added: Promo Code per course feature
  • Fixed: Unable to create students if the joomla login form is on the same page, because of input ids conflict.
  • Fixed: When a lesson is deleted from the tree the student progress must be updated.
  • Fixed: Tooltip error stops upload buttons to show in course creation in frontend teacher.
  • Fixed: My categories use category title instead of alias when SEF is enabled.
  • Fixed: Whenever a user register in web site through front-end joomla form, guru teacher email is sent.
  • Fixed: When we have layout nb 1 selected for lesson, the video must be centered.
  • Fixed: Time zone issue in 'my courses' student page.
  • Fixed: Duplicate user type on teacher manager from administrator.
  • Fixed: You can't navigate through menus from Courses Categories in administrator area.
  • Fixed: Display cart view and course content on frontend - iPad size.


Guru Pro

  • Added: Offline Payment Plugin.
  • Added: Emails for admin pending order notification and student approved order notification.
  • Changed: 'My orders' view for student, added order status details.
  • Fixed: Error class was overwrite from some templates
  • Fixed: Validate username conflict with Joomla login form.
  • Fixed: Selecting teachers and doing on them mass action like approve doesn't work.
  • Fixed: Delete orders is not reflected on amount of students.
  • Fixed: Validation for Terms and Conditions doesn't work for teachers and students.
  • Fixed: Visual problems with Frontend Teacher Interface if the template doesn't load bootstrap.css file.
  • Fixed: If information such as teacher, release date, students, level, etc is not published on course page top, then collapse the space ideally showing the title just above the tabs without the gap.

Updated: 02/18/2015

  • Fixed: item id not carried when clicking on plugins links to courses
  • Fixed: Stream Jomsocial from Guru not respected with the privacy access
  • Fixed: Guru plugin for Jomsocial cant be translate able

Version 3.2.0

Guru PRO

  • Added: New feature -Teacher Interface
  • Added: CSS changes of component buttons
  • Added: Possibility to reset everything a student did in a course
  • Added: Date range view of orders on orders page and an export ability to PDF and CSV files
  • Added: Notifications on back end for teacher activity
  • Added: Terms and Conditions that need to be accepted upon registration for Student and Teacher registration
  • Added: Option to organize all lessons alphabetically in course tree
  • Added: Option to select all lessons and modules and conduct mass changes
  • Added: Possibility to pick a teacher in mass importing videos
  • Added: Possibility to change 'Who can access this lesson:' on mass imported videos
  • Fixed: Blank modal on view orders details
  • Fixed: Validation on registration fields for students and teachers

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