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Mass Import Videos and Create Lessons Automatically

Mass Import Videos and Create Lessons Automatically

Creating a great video course isn't easy. You have to really dedicate yourself to producing content that will not only convey knowledge but also interest students. And once you've produced those videos, you have to add them to Guru. That's work.


Import Multiple Lessons At Once

Adding just a few video lessons to Guru is easy. Adding fifty or a hundred videos one-by-one can be strenuous. Not anymore!

Now you can mass import your video lessons from Vimeo and YouTube. It's super-easy and fetches not just the videos but also their thumbnails, titles and descriptions.

Here's How It Works:

1. Prepare Guru for your videos.

First, make sure you have a course with at least one module. You should also have a media category in which to place the video, and if you're not the teacher, you'll need to add him or her to your list so that you can set them as the creator of the course. Imported videos cannot be private so set the videos to 'public' until you have finished adding them. You can change the privacy settings when you're done.

2. Add the videos

The process differs for YouTube and Vimeo, but it's always quick. Expect to loseā€¦ ooh, about a minute doing this.

YouTube Mass Import

  1. Go to Guru's backend > Media > Add Mass Videos.

  2. Pick YouTube as the provider and take the playlist ID from the playlist URL.

  3. You can pick the number of videos to show per page and set the video that starts the course.

  4. Select the Media category to place the videos.

  5. Select the lesson and lesson module to place the videos.

  6. Set the teacher for the course and the lesson access.


  7. Finally, click the checkboxes on the left to choose any videos you don't want to import, and click 'Fetch Videos.'

Vimeo Mass Import

Vimeo uses albums instead of playlists, so you'll need an album ID.

You can also select the page from which you wish to import your videos. The rest of the process is exactly the same as for YouTube. This is what the course looks like when you import 50 or more lessons. You'll have saved hours and you can now divide them into modules if you want.

Guru Is Growing

This is just one feature that we created based on your feedback to make Guru even more powerful and user-friendly. We always keep usability in mind and you can expect more great improvements soon.

Comments? Questions?

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Saturday, 13 July 2024

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