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The Guru Front-End Teacher Interface Is Here!

The Guru Front-End Teacher Interface Is Here!

In the responses to our recent survey, one request came up again and again.

Publishers wanted a way to let teachers add their own courses themselves.


We thought that was a great idea. (In fact, it was something we'd already started work on even before we'd sent out the survey.)

So we made it happen in this version of Guru.

The Guru Front-End Teacher Interface Is Here!

Your teachers can now prepare whole courses themselves, letting you collect either a percentage of the sales or a set fee. It's up to you.

Teacher Registration Is Easy

Your teachers can register quickly, receive your approval, then start working on their courses right away. You will be notified when a new teacher requires your approval.

Review, Publish, You're Done!

When teachers can prepare their courses without the help of the site's admin, all you need to do is review the course and publish. You'll have all the time you need to promote the course, bring in students and make money!

Teachers Can Create New Quizzes And Add Media

To build a really comprehensive course, teachers will need to be able to add quizzes and media. Teachers can do that by embedding media, linking to it or uploading it directly to your server.

Stats About Students

The teachers' interface also gives teachers stats about their students and full access to quiz results. They can see how well students are doing and receive detailed information that shows which students succeeded where — and where they need to work harder.

Mass Video Import And Automatic Lesson Generation

Another very useful new feature is the ability to import whole playlists from YouTube or entire albums from Vimeo. Each video will automatically generate a lesson placed in the module of a selected course. Video titles and descriptions are fetched automatically. This powerful feature will save you hours of work! Read more about this feature here.

Additional Features In Version 3.2.0

In addition to the new teacher's interface, we've included other improvements to Guru:

Quizzes Pagination

Got a big quiz with 100 questions? Spread them over a couple of pages.

Automatic Fetching of Video Content

When you add videos from any of the supported video hosts, you are now able to fetch the video's title, thumbnail and description easily. You can read more about it here.

More Information About Orders

See which course was purchased on the backend "orders" page.

Organize Lessons Alphabetically

A single click brings order to your lessons.

Change Lesson Access Easily

Change access to lessons in a few clicks instead of editing every lesson individually.

Terms And Conditions For Teacher And Student Registration Process

Use different T&C forms for teachers and students.

And so much more...

Where Can You Get Guru?

Just login to your account on And go to my downloads. Or get it from iJoomla Installer

How To Upgrade Guru?

It's very simple! After you download the package, unzip it and upload the installation file to your site. Proceed like with any other Joomla extension installation. You can simply install the latest version of Guru on top of your old one. You can also use iJoomla Installer.

See Guru Teacher Interface In Action

Check out our demo site with the Teacher Interface. You can Login here:
Login: demo
Password: demo

Guru Is Integrated With JomSocial

With JomSocial, your students can interact with each other and with their 

teachers. Read more about it here.

What's Next?

We'll keep working on the teacher interface to make it even better, right now there's no commissions system for your teachers in place. Of course with the improvements to orders reporting you can exactly know how much a teacher earned. But we want to make it not only better but great That is our main next focus.

And After That?

We'll soon start working on SCORM and Quiz improvements.

Our goal is to make Guru the best LMS available! Thank you for supporting us on this journey. Stay tuned!

Comments? Questions?

Please leave them below.

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Monday, 04 December 2023

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