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Guru's New Version & FREE Off-line Payment Plugin

Guru's New Version & FREE Off-line Payment Plugin

The new front-end Teacher Interface has been a massive hit. We've received fantastic feedback. People have loved it — and that makes us very happy!


Now we want to give you even more.

The latest Guru version update includes a brand new offline payment plugin. It also contains a number of bug fixes. You can read about them in the change log.

The Offline Payment Plugin — More Ways For Your Users To Pay

Your users can now choose an offline payment method. You can take bank transfers, mail orders and accept money from students who don't have Paypal or a credit card.

How Does It Work?

The plugin is installed automatically with Guru Pro. Make sure you enable the plugin on the backend.

To do that go to: Extensions > Plugin Manager and look for "Payment Processor [Offline]".

Make sure the plugin is set in Guru. Navigate to: Guru > Finances > Payment Plugins.

Label is what shows on the frontend when your users want to checkout. So you can name it however you like. For example 'Bank Transfer'.

Add instructions. This is important. You users need to know exactly how they should send you their payment. You'll need to supply your bank details for a wire transfer, for example, and an address for a mailed payment. Make sure your method is clear and easy to follow. You can edit all that when you enter the plugin's configuration.

This is what the instructions look like on the front-end after a student clicks checkout.

The user's order will remain pending / inactive until you approve it in the back-end of Guru > Finances > Orders.

Your students will see the order as pending.

Once the administrator receives the payment and approves the order, the student has full access to the course.

Email Notifications.

When an off-line payment order is received, the admin gets an email notification to let them know, so that they can charge the student off-line. Once the payment is approved, the admin can then change the order status to "approved" and an email notification will be sent to the student to let them know their off-line payment was accepted and that they can now access their course.

To edit the content of these emails, visit Guru-> Settings -> Emails -> Select Emails Template

It's totally FREE!

The offline payment plugin is included in the Guru Pro package. There's no additional cost.

Where Can You Download Guru?

Go to and navigate to My Downloads. Log in and download the Guru Pro package. iJoomla Installer is included in the zip file containing Guru Pro.

How To Upgrade

The easiest way to upgrade is to use the iJoomla installer. In the back-end of your site navigate to: Components > iJoomla Installer.

Alternatively, you can install the latest package on top of the existing one using the regular Joomla extensions installer.

Please remember that any major upgrade should always be preceded by a full backup of your website.

Please also note that all new features added to Guru are available only for Joomla 3.X.

We Appreciate You Letting Us Earn Your Business.

Thank you for using Guru. We are working hard to make sure that you get the best LMS for Joomla ever created. With this update we've fixed some bugs and given you a new plugin. There's more to come! Stay tuned.

Comments? Questions?

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