New Features :

  • Custom Certificate option
  • Login Redirection for Teachers
  • Icon control on certificate page
  • Editor support for Teachers
  • Improvements :

    • Mask the password and secret key in PayPal Pro : New update will mask the password and private key in papal payment plugin.
    • Plugin support - System - User Actions Log : User action log supported with Guru
    • RTL Support for quiz : RTL support added for quiz lesson in courses
    • Certificate URL in Email : Certificate URL added for certificate email (Student can view certificate via Email link )
    • Add option to allow/disallow to delete their own course : Admin can allow/disallow teachers to delete their own course, You can find these setting on Guru backend > Teacher setting are.
    • Increase Quiz time : Now you can add quiz timer from 1 to 150 mins or unlimited.
    • Editor support for Essay in Quiz : Essay type question support editor in quiz.
    • Price with decimals : Yen currency support.
    • Course displays empty tab when there is no course description : Content tab of the course will be default if there is no content in description of course.

    Bug Fixes :

    • Quiz is not published but still run exam time
    • Lesson dropdown broken with PHP 7.2 Guru Light
    • Breadcrumb displays error on course detail page
    • Typing mistake on Custom guru url page
    • Shouldnt allow to create new course category with empty category name
    • Got error when create duplicate course category name
    • Category List Layout Layout options not working
    • Guru search module show same results
    • Teacher list page use double slash in images
    • Database Error in My Projects page
    • Can't pick color on custom certificate tab
    • Background color, Font are not working on certificate pdf
    • Got error when using MPDF for certificate page
    • Student can edit teacher's course with URL
    • Got notice error in dashboard page
    • End publishing date is not working
    • Guru Search Courses module displays error in RTL
    • Got notice error when create a lesson with scorm
    • Color picker displays wrong position

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