New Feature

  • Implement Projects Results in back-end
  • Add GURU custom fields for registration form
  • Data in time column
  • Guru and JomSocial Groups
  • SCORM Support


  • Mask the password and secret key in Paypal pro
  • Lesson should be removed right after clicking on delete icon
  • Should not allow to create duplicate lesson
  • Update language for Continue button

Bug Fix

  • Missing order option in backend for queeze question in file
  • Got warning error while saving lesson
  • Got warning error when select quizze
  • Cant upload file on lesson with project layout
  • Got warning error on Course category page
  • Can not reorder questions
  • Got warning error on students list take the quiz
  • Got error when remove and reselect quiz
  • Got warning error when there is no quiz in a course
  • Create new quiz button is not working on the frontend
  • Tabs in Final exam are not actived
  • Filter by quizzes type is not working
  • [Media] Auto play video is not working
  • [Media] Media filter works incorrectly after saving media
  • [Media] Got notice error when select article media
  • [Lesson] Cant show all lesson, should add scrollbar when there are many lessons
  • [Lesson] Got warning error when select project for lesson
  • [Media] Cant edit audio on the frontend
  • [Commissions] Export function is not working
  • [Fields] Typing mistake on create new field form
  • [Course] Can not play audio when the lesson is loaded
  • [Course] Got error duplicate entry after edit a lesson
  • [Quiz] Can not add question for quiz on the frontend
  • [Media] Got warning error on media library page
  • [Quiz] Audio is displaying not nice on the quiz page
  • [Custom field] Got error message after saving custom field