Guru 5.1.13

  • New Feature: change 'status' actions
  • New Feature: More options for how many time that quiz is taken
  • New Feature: Create a module for search Guru courses
  • Improvement : Add "+ Copy Question" button inside quizz edit form
  • Bug fixes: Front-end: No message after finish order
  • Bug fixes: Course: Can't view detail if Set ACL to Course's Category
  • Bug fixes: Teacher Page: Get JS error after login & go to Teacher Page
  • Bug fixes: Course detail: Get error when try to add Exercise
  • Bug fixes: JS error when add quizzes
  • Bug fixes: Show password not working in login form
  • Bug fixes: change certificate path
  • Bug fixes: very slow load on category view
  • Bug fixes: Time left not reset each time retake the quiz

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