Guru 5.0.4

  • Fixed Bug: save the teacher account from backend return error message - username is too short
  • Fixed Bug: the URL for categories on sh404 was wrong
  • Added option to hide/show the correct answers and questions error message if the answer is not the correct one
  • Changes for courses and categories description, in layout pages, possibility to set the length to 0
  • Fixed Bug: for some students where the username value has some characters, the new order from admin was not created
  • Fixed Bug: the certificate was not visible for some users
  • Added new language variables for True/False question type
  • Added the possibility to add some characters (@ ! , ...) in password from registration pages
  • Fixed Bug: can not create a new course from phone device
  • Fixed Bug: can not add video media from "youtu" site
  • Added new email template variable - [STUDENT_NAME] - when teacher receive an email for essay mark
  • Fixed some issues for vimeo media files
  • Fixed Bug: creating a new question (True/False) from front-end, the correct answer is not saved
  • Added new language variable for "Add comment" text
  • Possibility to mark the Essay question to 0
  • Fixed Bug: can not publish/unpublish quizzes from backend
  • Increased the quiz time limit to 60 minutes
  • Fixed some issues for Essay questions for multiple quiz sessions, the Essay answer was not saved correctly for second time
  • New changes for quiz pagination
  • Fixed Bug: when all course lessons was finished and Final Exam was passed, the course was not completed in database tables
  • Fixed Bug: can not scroll the lesson article page
  • Fixed scrolling issues on iPhone.
  • Fixed Bug: save new media storage path create a new wrong folder.

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