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Kunena Can Promote Student Participation

Kunena Can Promote Student Participation

One of the best indicators of a working learning environment is student participation. The effort that students make to contribute or seek more for a particular class shows their genuine interest or at least willingness to find ways to make the most out of each session.

You can do this with the right Learning Management System. Having the ability to create an avenue for students to ask questions, give comments or feedback, and even engage in discussions with teachers and course mates alike will make the learning experience richer and more fun for everyone.

Kunena boards are particularly useful for this purpose. This will allow teachers and students to interact with one another on different topics without losing track of the conversation. This is done by allowing users to comment within a lesson, which will then be reflected on their actual, respective threads. This makes the discussion more focused and organized for everyone.

You’ll want to be able to do the following with your Joomla LMS tools:

  • Automatically make a discussion thread for each course and lesson (even sub threads);
  • Assign who moderates the discussions (usually a teacher);
  • Add and remove new and old threads, respectively.

Kunena becomes even more powerful with a plugin because it will allow everyone to send in their comments more conveniently.

Guru and Kunena Integration

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