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Guru for Joomla 3 - Now Ready!

I'm happy to announce the release of Guru for Joomla 3. This ground-breaking version is now available as a beta and is ready for you to download!
Here’s what’s new in Guru 3:

Responsive Design

 Responsive design is a must these days. Your students want to take your courses on their mobile phones and on their tablets, so we made sure they can do that easily. Guru 3 now looks as great on iPads and Androids as it’s always looked on monitors. And it even has complete mobile support too. Here are some screenshots:

Totally Rigorous Quality Control

Our new full-time quality assurance person has been busy doing her best to break Guru in every way possible.

She’s turned out to be quite destructive, as you can see in the test result below:
Guru test results

Her testing has brought out lots of bugs and logic issues most of which we’ve already managed to fix.

Cleaner, Neater Coding

We also hired a new developer. We wanted to put fresh eyes on the code, clean it up and make it more stable and solid. It’s turned out great.

Snazzier, Sharper Design

Our new designer completely re-worked both the front end and the back end. We now have an all-new, optimized CSS that is much lighter and looks fantastic.

Guru's new design

Easier Admin, Clear Style

We want all of our products to share the same style. The upcoming JomSocial 3.1 has a brand new, sparkling and colorful admin, which is user-friendly and feature-rich. The new version of Guru will have the same admin design. You can see some screenshots below. It looks great, doesn’t it?

The rest of our products will follow.

Remember, this is a beta product!

 Guru 3 is great and it should work fine. But it’s still in beta so you should only use it on development sites and not on production sites. I will let you know when a new, stable version is out.

Thank you for your patience!

I know it took a lot longer than you expected to update Guru. We ended up putting a lot more into it than we planned. I’d like to thank you for your patience. I’m sure that when you download it, you’ll understand why it took so long.

Comments or questions? Please post them below, we love to read them!

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Monday, 04 December 2023

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