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Guru 5 Stable Version Is Here!

Guru 5 Stable Version Is Here!

Great news! We just released a stable version of Guru 5, our Joomla LMS! After one beta version and 3 RC's, we feel that it's finally ready for prime time. A big thank you for those who submitted bug reports!

So what's new in Guru 5?

Look And Feel

Categories And Courses

We’ve completely revamped the look and feel of course categories, lists of courses and course pages. They look so much better!


Great-Looking Quizzes!

We figured that quizzes shouldn’t be mean and scary, so we gave them a major makeover too. Check it out…

Guru 5 Quiz with Media

Beautiful Lessons

Lessons now open in an elegant window that’s easy to use. The list of lessons and the module are on the right, and students can move easily between lessons, make comments and see the lesson description.

Adding Media

Adding and editing media design always did need some love. They got it!

Adding media now looks a lot better!

Better Usability

We put a lot of work into improving the usability of Guru 5. We really wanted to raise your conversion rate and bottom line by making Guru easier for users... and you should find that your life as admin has got a lot easier too!

A BIG Call To Action

On the front end, we’ve put a call to action button on cover photos and we allow newly registered members to continue the purchase process.

A big button to buy the course is now present on the course cover image

Free courses have a more accurate message, lessons have descriptions and quizzes now allow for retakes right from My Quizzes page.

Removing Students from a Course

On the back end, you can now remove a student from a course, and we’ve added “save and new” button when creating lessons.

On the back end, you can now remove a student from a course, and we’ve added “save and new” button when creating lessons.

Categories Module

The Categories module now shows an icon of your choice for each category. It looks great.

category module

Improved Teacher Interface

The teacher interface now looks and works much more smoothly. A new menu item even allows teachers to view, rate and comment on essay answers. Very useful!


New Shopping Cart Design

We've completely re-designed the shopping cart, here's how it looks like:


See Guru 5 In Action!

We’ve installed the stable version of Guru 5 on our learning center. If you want to see how the front end looks, you can check it out now.

View the change log here.

Upgrade Guru Now!

If you have an older version of Guru installed, please ugprade it to enjoy this fantastic new version! You can upgrade in one of two ways:

  1. Using iJoomla Installer - SUPER EASY! Simply click the update buttonUpgrading Guru with iJoomla Installer
  2. Uploading the new version - EASY! Simply download Guru, and install it on top of your current version.

License Expired? Get 20% OFF!

When you renew your Guru license, you get it for 20% off of the original price! For only $237, the brand new Guru is yours! Visit our downloads page and click the renew button!


Don't have Guru?

Guru is a fantastic Joomla LMS that will transform your site into a full-fledged learning system similar to Udemy or

Buy Guru 5!

iJoomla Guru 5.0.8 Now Support New Payment Gateway...
Guru 5 RC1


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Saturday, 15 June 2024

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