Road map

5.2Not yet started

  • New payment plugin
  • Option to set certificate layout for each course separately
  • Essay quiz questions improvement
  • Student registration improvement - more optional fields
  • Option to use custom WYSIWYG editor at frontend Teacher content creation
  • First stage of ACL implementation

5.1In progress

  • New payment plugin - DotPay (Poland) Completed
  • Sequential courses - Serial order lesson access Completed
  • Remove obsolete language adjustment feature Completed
  • Course time recording Completed
  • Manual lesson view confirmation
  • Enhancing "Certificate Term" into "Course completion rules" - Rule "Spent set amount of time in a course"
  • Allowing to add "Projects" - file upload

5.0Now Available!

  • Complete re-design
  • Better usability
  • Modern lessons

* Please remember that Roadmap is a subject to change.

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