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How to Keep Your Videos Private with Vimeo

vimeoI’m a big fan of Vimeo. The site is my favorite choice for video hosting. Today, I will explain how to keep your videos private so that no one can download them or find them on other websites. If they want to see your content, they’ll have to buy your course. It’s an essential step when you’re selling video courses online.

Vimeo doesn’t allow you to do this in bulk. You’ll have to open each video and modify the privacy settings separately:

Video Tutorial:

Follow these steps:

  • On the video page, click the Settings icon.
  • Use the switch on the top to open the privacy page.
vimeo settings
  • Under “Who can see this video?” choose “Hide this video from”
  • Uncheck the box under “Enable video review page?”
  • Under “Where can this video be embedded?” choose “Only on approved sites” and enter your domain (without “http” or “www”).
  • Uncheck both boxes under “What can people do with this video?”  to prevent people downloading the video or adding it to groups, channels and albums.
vimeo privacy settings

That’s it! Your video is now private and secure.

Those steps may seem like a lot of work, but they really take just a few seconds for each video. You can open each clip in a new tab then race through them all in one sitting.

In the next tutorial I will explain how to make your video appear more professional without the Vimeo branding and with your own colors.

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Keeping your Course Videos Private

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Teacher Interface

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Student Interface

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Admin Interface

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