Media Library

Add any type of media to your media library: video, audio, text, files and more!

Our Joomla LMS Media Library, allows you to create a comprehensive library of all types of media: video, audio, documents, files and text.

Each of the media files can be used and reused in any of your courses modules/lessons.

View All Your Media in the Media Library:

Media Library

Video –  Supports Three Ways of Adding Videos:

  • External sites like YouTube.
  • Local videos on your server that you can upload or select from existing videos.
  • Video code (just copy the source code from any video on the Web).

Adding Videos

Audio – Supports Three Ways of Adding Audio:

  • Audio URL - simply enter the audio file URL.
  • Upload an audio file or select existing audio files.
  • Audio code (enter the audio code from another site).

Adding Audio

Document – Select One of Three Ways to Add a Document: 

  • Document URL - enter the document file URL.
  • Upload a document, PDF or Word Doc.
  • Select an existing document.

Choose How to Display the Document:

  • Inside a wrapper.
  • As a link to the document.

Adding document

URL – Enter a URL:

Select One of Two Ways to Display a URL:

  • In a wrapper.
  • As a link.


Image – Add Any Image to Your Media Library:

  • Choose the size.
  • Choose whether it's proportional by width or by height.

Adding images

Text – Add Text into the HTML Editor to Be Used Later:

Adding text

File - Upload .exe and .zip files in Two Ways:

  • Enter the file's URL.
  • Upload the file.

Adding file

Add batch videos from YouTube or Vimeo

To save a lot time, you can import whole playlists/albums from YouTube or Vimeo. Lessons will automatically be created for these videos. Read more about this feature on our blog.

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