Joomla LMS course example

Course Manager

Create unlimited online courses with modules & lessons, on Guru's easy interface.

With our online course management system for Joomla CMS you can add as many courses as you want and manage them on the Courses Manager.


Course Manager

General Tab:

  • Enter the course name, category and author.
  • Choose a difficulty level and enter a description.

General Tab

Image Tab:

  • Select the course image.
  • The image will be displayed on the course page on the top, left or right.

Image Tab


  • Select files to show on the front-end.

Media Tab

Requirements Tab

  • Select prerequisite courses, if any.
  • Enter any other prerequisite books and materials.

Course Requirements

Pricing/Plans Tab

  1. Select the subscription plans and set the price.
  2. Select the renewal plans and set the price.
  3. Select which subscription e-mail reminders will be sent.

Pricing Tab

Publishing Tab

  • Select whether or not the course will be published.
  • Select a start and end publishing date.

Publishing Tab

Metatags Tab

On this tab, you can enter the metatags for the courses page. Meta tags are important for search engine optimization.

  • Title metatag
  • Keywords metatag
  • Description

Meta tag tab

Once you create the course, you can start working on your course tree. Just click on the course name.


And create your course tree.

Course Tree

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