Guru 5.1.12

  • Redirect to 404 page if URL to courses and categories is wrong
  • Fixed issue: can not upload images with Guru and "JA Allure" template

Guru 5.1.11

  • Fixed bug: teacher register form hidden on mobile
  • Fixed issue - can not upload xls doc files
  • Enhancement: separate administrator editors for certificates, one for each HTML and PDF views
  • Added price "space" separator for thousands and decimals. You should go in administrator and change separators as per your needs
  • Added category ACL

Guru 5.1.10

  • Fixed issue: wrong student redirect page after course completed
  • Changes for Offline Payment plugin
  • Changes and fixes for Jump buttons

Guru 5.1.9

  • Fixed some issues with student retake final exam
  • New language variables for quiz retake action
  • Fixed issue with JCE Editor don't save media text
  • Limit number of users that can enroll for free to a course
  • Fixed issue: can not add media text from lesson page, in front-end
  • Fixed issue: wrong number from quiz attempts left.
  • New Feature: option to display courses based on categories in Guru Courses Module
  • Fixed some issues with quizzes languages on sites multi language
  • Load JS files asynchronous
  • Fixed issue: can not order course lessons in course
  • Fixed issue: Remove Super User group for add/edit new students on backend.
  • Fixed issue: user do not receive the registration email

Guru 5.1.8

  • Added some new language variables for Quizzes
  • Fixed issue: can not open project from teacher page
  • Fixed some issues with retake quiz after pass the quiz
  • Added course tabs ordering and default active tab
  • Fixed issue: edit teacher account, change the avatar and save, change teacher status to disabled
  • Fixed some issues with student quiz results

Guru 5.1.7

  • Improvement - Add option for custom css class, for course lessons
  • Fixed bug: can not save Settings
  • Fixed bug: can access course even if it is unpublished

Guru 5.1.6

  • Improvement - You can set from Quiz edit page the new option - retake quiz even if passed
  • Improvement - From Quiz edit page, Questions tab, you can copy the existing question into a new one

Guru 5.1.5

  • Fixed issue: can not select courses in promo code edit page
  • Fixed issue: course finished even if Final Exam is not passed
  • Fixed some issues in My Orders page
  • Fixed issue: preview certificate is not visible

Guru 5.1.4

  • Improvement: consent form checkbox added in registration form;
  • Fixed bug: video autoplay bug;
  • Fixed bug: in randomize questions;
  • Fixed bug: with language change
  • Fixed bug: with PDF in lessons

Guru 5.1.3

  • Improvement: Reset time in quiz option. You can choose whatever you want the time splited by quiz taking amount or not
  • Fixed bug: quiz language changed after submit
  • Fixed bug: broken HTML result after quiz submit
  • Fixed bug: adding batch video in admin
  • Fixed bug: when a course is serialize, the date is wrong
  • Fixed bug with Kunena: when two or more lessons have the same name the comments gets mixed

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