New payment plugins

  • New PayPal Smart Payment Plugin
  • New Stripe SCA payment plugin

Bug Fixes

  • The sequential lesson cannot be selected
  • Fix 404 error when editing module on the frontend
  • Fix search (everything) error on frontend
  • The fix could not open page 2 on quiz results
  • Optimize workflow of adding a question to the quiz
  • Support Latest version of JW all videos plugin in Guru
  • Add zoom meeting media type
  • Complete course when teacher score essay
  • Fix outdated courses still shows on an author page
  • Fix save lesson error when kunena is installed
  • Show disabled payment methods on order list in the backend
  • Fix redirect login on multilingual didn’t keep the current language
  • Add search menu type for Guru
  • Fix exam score N/A on the certificate


Bug Fixes

  • Student activation by super user
  • Fix override admin email when install
  • Sparate email enroll for teach and admin
  • Index database when install
  • Render sidebar when open modal
  • Fix missing jquery on yootheme
  • Fix uikit noconflict error with yoo theme
  • Increase size of media text
  • Change media column datatype to avoid media error
  • Fix duplicated id error
  • Invalid token when trying to see more than 20 uploaded projects by students
  • Remove unused parameters


  • More option in Export data
  • Improve load speed guru backend


Bug Fixes

  • Promocode used for multiple times for the same user
  • Teachers - Students page load slowly
  • Promocode still able to used even before start date
  • Time bug when create order at backend
  • Prevent unlimited plan
  • Lessons not showing correctly when going through course
  • Status doesn't update on serial order lesson
  • Notice error on Teacher's student page
  • Course Manager: Can't filter Course by status
  • Some bugs in Media Library
  • Got error database when duplicate pending Course
  • Order Manager's toolbar need more styled

New feature

  • Add Student Chart Feature in Guru


  • Send Purchase Email on Enroll


Bug Fixes

  • added new changes on preview certificate
  • fixed issue, user can access lessons/exercises when license expired
  • Fixed issue with Articulate SCORM
  • Fixed issue with multiple emails send to students
  • Bug: Guru students assigned to JS group as admin
  • Add media in course not working
  • Can not delete courses from cart


  • How to create clickable image that expands into lightbox inside lessons
  • Uikit from 2.0 to 3.0
  • Option to show or not lesson status un course


New features

  • 2Checkout Payment Plugin
  • Privacy for files
  • Guru – Events for JomSocial
  • Course review only by Super Admin


  • Page title seo improvements
  • Free course should not show 00 in price
  • Add company Name value variable
  • Login Logout redirections
  • Collapsible menu for dashboard items
  • Allow admin to change the order of course
  • Display category of a course in "my courses" list
  • Translate Unlimited in courses
  • More option in Date formate
  • Close all' instead of '+Show all?

Bug Fixes

  • JCE editor layout issue on backend
  • Hide FB and Twiiter link in teacher profile


New Features :

  • Custom Certificate option
  • Login Redirection for Teachers
  • Icon control on certificate page
  • Editor support for Teachers
  • Improvements :

    • Mask the password and secret key in PayPal Pro : New update will mask the password and private key in papal payment plugin.
    • Plugin support - System - User Actions Log : User action log supported with Guru
    • RTL Support for quiz : RTL support added for quiz lesson in courses
    • Certificate URL in Email : Certificate URL added for certificate email (Student can view certificate via Email link )
    • Add option to allow/disallow to delete their own course : Admin can allow/disallow teachers to delete their own course, You can find these setting on Guru backend > Teacher setting are.
    • Increase Quiz time : Now you can add quiz timer from 1 to 150 mins or unlimited.
    • Editor support for Essay in Quiz : Essay type question support editor in quiz.
    • Price with decimals : Yen currency support.
    • Course displays empty tab when there is no course description : Content tab of the course will be default if there is no content in description of course.

    Bug Fixes :

    • Quiz is not published but still run exam time
    • Lesson dropdown broken with PHP 7.2 Guru Light
    • Breadcrumb displays error on course detail page
    • Typing mistake on Custom guru url page
    • Shouldnt allow to create new course category with empty category name
    • Got error when create duplicate course category name
    • Category List Layout Layout options not working
    • Guru search module show same results
    • Teacher list page use double slash in images
    • Database Error in My Projects page
    • Can't pick color on custom certificate tab
    • Background color, Font are not working on certificate pdf
    • Got error when using MPDF for certificate page
    • Student can edit teacher's course with URL
    • Got notice error in dashboard page
    • End publishing date is not working
    • Guru Search Courses module displays error in RTL
    • Got notice error when create a lesson with scorm
    • Color picker displays wrong position


New Feature

  • Implement Projects Results in back-end
  • Add GURU custom fields for registration form
  • Data in time column
  • Guru and JomSocial Groups
  • SCORM Support


  • Mask the password and secret key in Paypal pro
  • Lesson should be removed right after clicking on delete icon
  • Should not allow to create duplicate lesson
  • Update language for Continue button

Bug Fix

  • Missing order option in backend for queeze question in file
  • Got warning error while saving lesson
  • Got warning error when select quizze
  • Cant upload file on lesson with project layout
  • Got warning error on Course category page
  • Can not reorder questions
  • Got warning error on students list take the quiz
  • Got error when remove and reselect quiz
  • Got warning error when there is no quiz in a course
  • Create new quiz button is not working on the frontend
  • Tabs in Final exam are not actived
  • Filter by quizzes type is not working
  • [Media] Auto play video is not working
  • [Media] Media filter works incorrectly after saving media
  • [Media] Got notice error when select article media
  • [Lesson] Cant show all lesson, should add scrollbar when there are many lessons
  • [Lesson] Got warning error when select project for lesson
  • [Media] Cant edit audio on the frontend
  • [Commissions] Export function is not working
  • [Fields] Typing mistake on create new field form
  • [Course] Can not play audio when the lesson is loaded
  • [Course] Got error duplicate entry after edit a lesson
  • [Quiz] Can not add question for quiz on the frontend
  • [Media] Got warning error on media library page
  • [Quiz] Audio is displaying not nice on the quiz page
  • [Custom field] Got error message after saving custom field


New Features:

  • Check enrolled courses and expired orders : Allow a professional way to enroll student and activatation of course.
  • New Course List Module : A New list layout to display selected courses. You can use it anywhere on a module position.
  • Module Course: Add link to Category that course belongs to, show teacher's Avatar
  • Mailchimp integration for offline payments : Now offline paid students also get an option to subscribe newsletter.
  • Strip Payment: support Japan Yen currency


  • Support Invisible captcha in Register Page
  • Create email template option for courses
  • Mod Search Course: Results page will navigate to another page
  • New Changes for Guru Courses Module: add Layout Advanced Option

Bug fixes

  • Teacher can not upload Course cover image
  • Last Viewed Lesson
  • Module Course: SEO function & active menu doesn't map correctly
  • The router of Guru doesn't set in right Menu Item
  • JA Login module is not working on guru page
  • Site is hanged on after open a lession with a video
  • Got notice error when search courses
  • [guru] Got type error on course page
  • Can't close window when view a lession
  • Some error on Stripe payment
  • Teacher - Create Course: Can't click to switch tabs


New Features:

  • Teacher registration :A User can Become Teacher from frontend.
  • New menu type My Account : A new Menu item My account is added to login on site and show user account information in Guru
  • Mailchimp integration improvements: Each course has the option to Add Mailchimp API list to add subscriber based on course
  • CC JSON export: For payments in Guru, To use this Open Guru admin > Settings, API - Order details.


  • Teacher Registration Menu : Registration menu will show direct registration form.
  • Incorrect average quiz score : Improvement in average quiz score calculation
  • Add Language selection option for Guru Course Category: Each category has option to select language package install in Joomla.
  • Back end: New Page Certificate List : A new certificate page added to see certificate reports

Bug fixes

  • [Veritrans] Rollback URL is wrong
  • [Veritrans] Payment success but Status Payment is not changed
  • Veritrans Payment: Course still in the Cart event Payment done
  • Veritrans Payment: Use Promo Code, still have to pay the original price.
  • Number question of final exam is wrong
  • Certificate List: The list might be add link to some attribute
  • Certificate List: get error when click to view PDF
  • [Veritrans] Payment with Promo code is not count correct


New Feature

  • Paypal Pro payment options
  • Certificate Reports


  • Add address fields in strip plugin

Bug Fixes

  • Stripe Payment: Disable Checkout button to avoid error
  • Stripe Payment: Course still in the Cart event Payment done
  • Certificate: Get error when view details
  • Certificate: Some option of Course Information doesn't work when student get certificate
  • Backend: Payment link to wrong plugin

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