Guru 5.0.3

  • - Fixed bug: the count of students in back end was wrong;
  • - Fixed bug: when click on lesson without access, the modal content was a blank page;
  • - Added: allow full screen for videos;
  • - Fixed bug: save certificate content was wrong;
  • - Fixed bug: when edit the course module, from front-end, the content was wrong;
  • - Changed filter search when a payment plug-in is opened from Guru list of Payments page;
  • - Send email for finished course only if the Final Exam is passed;
  • - Fixed bug: the lesson description in modal page was not visible;
  • - Changes for RTL direction in back-end;
  • - Fixed bug: time counter for quizzes doesn't work;
  • - Possibility to upload GIF images for media;
  • - Fixed bug: if quiz have the option - "Show correct answers" set to "No", on preview certificate the student can see the correct answers;
  • - Fixed bug: courses categories ordering doesn't work.

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