Guru 5.0.0

  • fixed bug - send certificate email even if final exam is not passed
  • allow to add category icon for guru menu categories
  • new UI changes in lessons add/edit page
  • display course price on list of courses and course pages, over the cover image
  • customization changes in course view page
  • open course lessons only in modal pages, not in separate pages
  • changes in lessons pages, for lesson content, lesson comments
  • add lessons description
  • changes for PHP 7
  • customization changes for add/edit media pages, add/edit quiz pages
  • new button - Take this course - on course view page
  • changes for language variables
  • fixed bug - teacher can edit his course, even if the option is set to NO
  • add a new option - Remove from course - from edit student page (from back-end)
  • option for assign the student to another Joomla group, from edit student page
  • new changes in left Guru menu (back-end)
  • fixed some issues from commissions pages, in admin
  • add new button - Retake, on list of my quizzes
  • new changes for course quizzes, for questions media design and layout
  • new teacher page, for Essay questions. Manage essay questions and mark questions for all quizzes from this page
  • submit quiz questions only if there are answers for all questions
  • support for RTL direction front-end and back-end
  • submit log-in form using
  • fixed bug - can't scroll lesson modal content
  • fixed bug, can't see final exam after added on course
  • changes for youtube add mass media, support for Youtube API
  • take out progression bar from lessons
  • changes for preview certificates page
  • improve teacher pages (front end UI)

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