Guru 5.0.16

There is a new update!

  • Security issue release! We fixed an SQL injection issue reported. Please upgrade to this new version.

Guru 5.0.15

  • Security issue release! We fixed an SQL injection issue reported. Please upgrade to this new version.

Guru 5.0.14

  • New payment plugin: DotPay

All payments plugins are now for free and they are included in the main package.

Guru 5.0.13

  • Enhancement: added option to reset all view lessons, pass quizzes, certificates for courses that are retaken;
  • Enhancement: added option to export PDF users list with MPDF library if installed;
  • Fixed one category issue: when create a course, we took out category from "Select Category" field if that category is unpublished;
  • Enhancement: added a new Menu Item option to "My Cart" Guru page;
  • Enhancement: added Joomla! editor in the lesson description field instead of the textarea, now the teacher can add HTML code in lesson description;
  • Enhancement: added option for teacher to see the students progress and available certificates;
  • Enhancement: added option to redirect Student to a custom page when course is completed.
  • Payment system fix: send to PayPal the currency selected from PayPal plugin page, not from Guru Settings;
  • Language fix: added new language variables for lesson page (Next and Prev words).

Guru 5.0.12

  • Enhancement: added "Save & New" button when create/edit a media item;
  • Enhancement: added "Save & New" button in the course page;
  • Enhancement: added option to Guru Media Library page to change Media Category for multiple selected items in the same time;
  • Enhancement: added all students quiz results list in "Courses Stats" page;
  • Enhancement: added option to set available “all lessons” for some students that bought a sequential course on the student page

Guru 5.0.11

  • Enhancement: PayFast payment integration. When new Guru version will install, the new payment plugin will be installed too;
  • Bug fixed: .PDF scolling issues on Apple devices;
  • Bug fixed: video controller issues on Apple devices.

Guru 5.0.10

  • Enhancement: Offline payment modification - licence data will be the data when order is approved by admin and not purchasing data.
  • Bug fixed in Stripe payment method.

Guru 5.0.9

  • Enhancement: sequential lessons release based on hours in addition to per day/per week/per month.

Guru 5.0.8

  • Enhancement: Stripe payment option added.

Guru 5.0.7

  • Bug fixed: on update Error message "1054 Unknown column 'guru_turnoffbootstrap' in 'field list'"
  • Bug fixed: Guru Kunena Discuss for Guru lessons generate an invalid comment URL for Kunena posts.

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