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New quizzes features & quiz timer/countdown

A couple of months ago we released a new version of Guru that included the ability to track student participation and follow quiz results. Since then, we've been working on enhancing the quizzes feature to provide greater control and even more flexibility.

This is another great step in the overall vision for Guru, which includes:

  • Gradual release of lessons.
  • Certification.
  • Restrictions on lessons and courses based on quiz results.

New in this release:

Quiz Enhancements

Your quizzes just got a whole better. In the new version of Guru, you can:

  • Enter a minimum passing score.
  • Set a time limit in minutes to submit the quiz.
  • Choose the number of times the quiz can be taken.
  • Define the number of available questions selected randomly to construct the quiz.


Quiz improvements extend to the front end too. Now when students take a test, they can be told the score they’ll need to pass, the amount of time they have to answer the questions, the number of times they can take the test, and the number of questions they’ll be asked.



This is a very cool feature! We’ve managed to make the quizzes even more realistic by telling candidates how long they have left before they need to stop writing.

You can now choose to show your students a timer and you can set an alert to tell them when you’re about to collect their papers.

The Settings page will show you a preview of the timer in real time.



Your Quiz, Your Design

You also now have full control over the look and feel of the quiz. Open Settings->Quiz countdown , and you’ll be able to choose:

  • Alignment — left, right or center.
  • Colors of text, background and title.
  • Font and font size.
  • Width and height.

Click here, to see how it looks!

Time/countdown settings

I hope you like this new feature! As always, we’ve added most of these features based on your feedback, so please visit our forum and let us know how we can make Guru even better!

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New Feature: Exporting quizzes and clearing quizze...
Guru wins “Best Joomla LMS” at CMS Expo!

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