"This is a great product. It is a bit of a learning curve but the tutorials offered are well worth using. I ran into a serious bug in the program and the tech support was speedy and efficent, resolving the issue in a timely manner. It looks great on the website and my client is very happy with the result.

Thanks Guru team. Keep up the good work. I look forward to any new bells and whistles you will undoubtedly be adding to this already outstanding product."

"I have worked with other LMS as Moodle before Joomla IGuru appears. Many people use Moodle only for upload resources like videos, text lessons or make quizzes. However Moodle is a very complex LMS only for this purpose. In other way you have to connect Moodle databases with Joomla so a lot of work for learning by watching videos or reading lessons.

Once Joomla IGuru appeared I changed the method for presenting my courses. Now, my students are very comfortable with the new easier interface. IGuru has to improve many options as plugin search, multicurrency, modules, templates, etc. But IJoomla is working hard so I suppose IGuru will be the best LMS at the future."

"The GURU software has revolutionized elearning for Joomla and I think as it develops... iJoomla should take the lead with e-learning ... its an amazing system so much so, that we have built an entire website around it and we are proud that we have the support and backing of iJoomla! We look forward to launching what we hope will soon be a government backed project teaching people about e-business and international trade... we will be offering everyone a special discount who comes from iJoomla... once were launched simply because these guys ROCK :woohoo: and we wouldn't have seen success the way we anticipated if it wasn't for you guys!

THANK YOU MERAV for and thank you Alin, Ricardo and everyone at iJoomla for the most amazing Joomla extension i have ever seen! ... we will all continue to support guru and everyone here!"

Kindest Regards

"I looked everywhere for a good LMS. Finally I found guru and prefer it because it was easily integrate, simple, affordable and very flexible. I like the flexibility and simplicity. There really is nothing missing out of the guru package. It is very easy to build, manage and offer courses. Also one of the best features of guru is the support."

We needed a solid platform to show off our classes. Our class pipeline has become busier in 2012, and our staff is struggling to keep up with all the new classes. Guru has made that much easier. We can set up a new class in a couple of hours now, rather than it taking all day.

We love the ease of use. Guru does everything else for us. It manages the class layout and teacher profiles. It tracks viewer activity and presents students with quizzes. It's great to have all of this in one integrated package, specifically designed for online training.

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