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Guru 5.1.16 updated for new features, improvements and bug fixes

guru 5.1.16 updates released Hi, This week we are releasing updates for Joomla LMS Extension: Guru 5.1.16. This release comes with new features in Teacher panel, advance payments overview and more new improvements and bug fixes. Guru 5.1.16 comes with 4 new features, 4 improvements and 8 bug fixes. Please Check release info below:

New Features:

  • Teacher registration :A User can Become Teacher from frontend.
  • New menu type My Account : A new Menu item My account is added to login on site and show user account information in Guru
  • Mailchimp integration improvements: Each course has the option to Add Mailchimp API list to add subscriber based on course
  • guru 5.1.16 updates released for mailchimp  option in courses
  • CC JSON export: For payments in Guru, To use this Open Guru admin > Settings, API - Order details. A key must be generated and saved, then the URL created will give the admin all the CC details from orders in JSON format they can use with other programs.
  • guru 5.1.16 updates released for CC Json export


  • Teacher Registration Menu : Registration menu will show direct registration form.
  • Incorrect average quiz score : Improvement in average quiz score calculation
  • Add Language selection option for Guru Course Category: Each category has option to select language package install in Joomla.
  • guru 5.1.16 updates released for multi language support in category
  • Back end: New Page Certificate List : A new certificate page added to see certificate reports
  • guru 5.1.16 updates for certificate overview

Bug fixes

  • [Veritrans] Rollback URL is wrong
  • [Veritrans] Payment success but Status Payment is not changed
  • Veritrans Payment: Course still in the Cart event Payment done
  • Veritrans Payment: Use Promo Code, still have to pay the original price.
  • Number question of final exam is wrong
  • Certificate List: The list might be add link to some attribute
  • Certificate List: get error when click to view PDF
  • [Veritrans] Payment with Promo code is not count correct

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