Add quizzes throughout your courses to test your students understanding of the material.

QuizzesJoomla LMS learning quizzes are a great way to find out if your students understand the learning material.

The Quiz Manager allows you to create quizzes that you can later add to your lessons. Quizzes are great to make sure that your students understand the material they’ve been studying so far. You can add quizzes to your course modules inside a lesson.

You Can See All of Your Quizzes on the Quizzes Manager:


Create a New Quiz, Add a Name and a Description on the General Tab:


Add additional optional quiz options (New!)

  • Enter a minimum passing score.
  • Set a time limit in minutes to submit the quiz.
  • Choose the number of times the quiz can be taken.
  • Define the number of available questions selected randomly to construct the quiz.

Manage Your Questions in the Questions Tab:


Edit the Question and the Possible Answers:


The Quiz Looks Like This on the Front-End:


The Answers Look Like This: 

The student can see which of the questions he got right and wrong.


Quiz Timer/Countdown (New!)

You also now have full control over the look and feel of the quiz. Open Settings->Quiz countdown , and you’ll be able to choose:

  • Alignment — left, right or center.
  • Colors of text, background and title.
  • Font and font size.
  • Width and height.
  • Preview the timer in real time

Time/countdown settings

You can download/export the quizzes results in PDF of CVS format:

Export Quizzes Results with PDF or CSV 

Students can view their quizzes on the front end: