Final Exam

Add a final exam to your courses to test their understanding of the course material

Final ExamIn addition to adding quizzes throughout the course, you can now also set up a final exam built from questions in the various quizzes.

Because you can set an exam as a criterion that students must pass, the Final Exam feature is closely related to the Certificates feature. 

How to add a final exam:

  • Go to Quizzes Manager, Click New, Choose "Final Exam."
  • Give your exam a name and complete the rest of the fields.
  • Switch to "Quizzes Included." Click "Add Quizzes.”
  • Choose the quizzes to include in the final exam and press “Save.”
  • Open Courses Manager and click “Edit” to open the course.
  • At the bottom of the General tab, choose the final exam to assign to this course.
  • The final exam will show as the last lesson of the last module on the front end and back end table of content.

Final Exam