Promo Codes

Promo codes are a proven way to get more sales! Get more students by offering them a promo code!

altThe Joomla LMS  Promo Codes Manager provides an easy and proven way to promote your online courses. You can give potential students a promotional code that offers a discount for an amount that you define when they purchase.

You Can Manage Your Promo Codes on the Promo Codes Manager: 


The Add/Edit Promo Code Page Allows You To:

  • Enter the title for the promo code.
  • Enter the promo code.
  • Limit the usage for a set number of students.
  • Choose the discount amount based on a fixed price or a percentage.
  • Choose the starting date.
  • Choose the ending date.
  • Choose whether this promo code is for existing students or new leads.


Your Potential Customers Will Be Able to Enter the Promo Code When They Check Out: