Add lessons to your learning modules with media, text, files, links and more

altOur LMS for Joomla component allows you to add lessons to your learning modules. Lessons contain the actual learning material, whether it's a video, text, document, quiz, URL, file or other type of media.

To add a lesson, click on "Add Lesson" on the course tree.


A Lightbox Style Pop-Up Will Open with Four Tabs:

General Tab

  • Choose a lesson name and alias.
  • Choose the difficulty level.
  • Choose who can access this lesson (visitors, registered users, students).
  • Choose one of 12 available layouts.


Narration/Sound Tab

  • Select a narration or sound that will play automatically when the lesson is loaded. This is very useful if you want your student to hear you giving them instructions such as "Click on the document below, fill it out and send it to me" or "Read this article and then move to the next step."


Publishing Tab

  • Published – yes or no.
  • Date start.
  • Date finish.


Metatags Tab

  • Title, keywords, description metatags


Lesson on the Front-End: