Version 2.2.17

  • Fixed some issues with Paypal payments.
  • Fixed an issue with css (if customer do changes in css) when was overwritten at install.
  • Improved quizzes submission process.

Version 2.2.16

  • Fixed: Vulnerability in upload process.

Version 2.2.15

  • Fixed: All order details can be viewed from frontend without login if you have the link.
  • Fixed: All order details can be viewed from frontend if the order details on link are changed.
  • Fixed: Unexpected access to exercise files, when logged in as a non-student.
  • Fixed: some issues with IPN return message from PayPal

Version 2.2.14

  • Fixed: when a course plan expires the user still can access the exercises files.
  • Fixed: certificate pdf doesn't show some special characters.
  • Fixed: the certificate don't show in some cases immediately even if the conditions are fulfilled.
  • Fixed: when a course is deleted from the cart all the courses are deleted.
  • Added: added the possibility to choose mpdf library to generate more complex html certificate structure.
  • Added: added security for uploading not valid images on administrator.
  • Updated: version of jw_allvideos plugin updated.

Version 2.2.13

  • Fixed: In My Courses show only published course.
  • Fixed: After submit the quiz in some cases the certificate button don't show immediately after submit.
  • Fixed: In some lessons media text appear twice.
  • Fixed: In quiz page, if the question contains more text is extends over the answers.

Version 2.2.12

  • Fixed: Text wasn't displayed in lesson that have the layout media and text beside.
  • Fixed: After login don't return to myquizandfexam even if the return page is myquizandfexam.
  • Fixed: Home url in lesson page don't have itemid.
  • Fixed: When you hide the lessons from a module in front and click on -close all button above fist module the arrows don't change.

Version 2.2.11

  • Fixed: When you add new lessons to a course and the certificate criteria is that the students views all lessons, the certificate is available even if the new lessons are not viewed.
  • Fixed: When you create a new user in joomla users arrive only the first name.
  • Fixed: Validation in backend when the text in text media is empty.
  • Fixed: When a promo code has student only option, it can be used by any user.
  • Fixed: Certificate info was off center. Removed the "Save as PDF" and that fixed the problem.

Version 2.2.10

  • Fixed an issue with "ThemeXpert" template were the tabs are broken.
  • Fixed an issue with videos outside main content box on ThemXpert templates.
  • Fixed an issue with thumbnails showing tiny on Chrome
  • Fixed an issue with SEF: home URL (breadcrumbs) and login page were broken when SEF Advance is activated.
  • Fixed: It was showing "Posts in this discussion" on lessons even if there was nothing to show

Version 2.2.9

  • Fixed: If kunena component isn't installed hide the kunena tab from backend in lessons/eachers pages.
  • Fixed: Ability to export only students of a selected course
  • Fixed: Error loading component: com_kunena, 1 when I save a course and the kunena component is not installed.
  • Fixed: When printing an order on front end, the order included template elements
  • Fixed: If a lesson doesn't have forum board the comment box still appear.
  • Fixed: When you select lowest plan for a course is still displayed the default one.
  • Fixed: In a quiz page if the next button doesn't exist in top of the lesson then the later button from quiz must not be displayed.
  • Fixed: Sometimes if all answers are selected from a question and not all are the right answers, is was considered as the correct answer
  • Fixed: Lesson page on some of the rockettheme templates stretch on the entire width of the page
  • Added:  NZD currency.
  • Added: Now you can turn off jquery if your template already loads it
  • Fixed: Upgraded jquery version to the latest version


Version 2.2.8

  • Kunena forum integration
  • New Comment plugin for lessons integrated with Kunena
  • Fixed: Article type media wasn't showing on the lessons backend
  • Fixed: "This lesson isn't available for you yet" bug reported on forum
  • Added 2 variables to certificates:
    • [COURSE_FINAL_SCORE]- Course final exam score
    • [COURSE_AVG_SCORE]- Course avg quizzes score
  • Fixed: "My Quizzes/Final Exams" link was missing on My Profile page
  • Fixed: Sometimes questions were marked as "Wrong" incorrectly
  • Fixed: RSS Feeds on the news plugin on cpanel
  • Added: Menu items for "My Quizzes/Final Exam" page

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