I am happy to annouce the release of a new version of Guru, version 2.2.4! In this version, we added a feature that you all have been asking for since day one: Certificates!


Why are Certificates a great idea?

If your potential students know they can get a certificate that will help them get hired or improve their resume, then there is a much better chance that they will sign up for your courses! More students = More cash for you!

Video Tutorial

Certificate Designs

Guru comes with 16 beautiful certificate templates you can choose from. You can add your logo to any of the templates and you can even upload your own template, just create a 800x600 px image and upload it.

Certificate designs 

Content and Email templates

certificate templates

Front End Features:

We added a new page to the student interface "My Certificates". On this page students can:

If they are not eligible for a certificate, for any reason, they can see why.

my certificate page

Certificate Terms:

How does Guru know which of the students deserves a certificate? When you create/edit a course, you can choose any of the terms below:

certificate term

The final result:

the certificate