Giving Your Teachers What They Need

If you’re running a large eLearning system (or planning to expand to one), then you’ll most likely be hiring lots of teachers and instructors to help facilitate all your classes. And because you’ll be relying on them to do much of the teaching work, such as making lessons, monitoring students, etc., you need to make sure that your Learning Management System (LMS) has everything they need to get the job done.

Having an interface dedicated especially to teachers will not only allow you to manage and keep track of the performance of multiple teachers at once, but it will also help each of your teachers to better facilitate their classes. They’ll be able to do the same things you would otherwise be doing, such as:

Think of it as giving your teachers their own desks at a faculty office. Each time a new teacher comes in, you can easily set them up with registration and they’re good to go.

Of course, you need to be able to pay them as well, which might vary depending on your agreement with these teachers. That’s why a good LMS should have the ability to facilitate a good commissions system so that you can send the right amounts through the right payment methods online.

All in all, teachers will need their own user-friendly interface within an LMS to be able to get their work done, our Joomla LMS, Guru, allows them to, easily. Guru also allows you to be able to efficiently send payments to all of them in the payment scheme of their choice.